Google Glass hardware update to be offered to Explorers along with program invites for friends

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 28, 2013

Google Glass

Google has steadily been updating its Glass eyewear each month with new software and feature improvements, and now it appears that the company is ready to refresh the Glass hardware as well. The folks in Mountain View announced today that existing members of its Glass Explorer program will have the opportunity to swap out their existing hardware for an updated version later this year. Details on the new unit are light, but Google says that the new Glass will work with future lines of shades and prescription lenses and that it'll also include a mono earbud.

On a frequently asked questions page regarding the Glass exchange, Google explains that the one-time swap is open to Explorer program members that purchased their hardware before Oct. 28, 2013. Once the exchange period begins, users will have 60 days to register for a swap. Explorers aren't required to swap out their unit, but those that do will have the chance to switch to a new hardware color. Google says that it'll share more information on the swap with its Explorers in November.

And what if you don't have Glass? There's some good news for you today as well, as Google says that it's going to broaden its Explorer program. Over the coming weeks, the company will be giving its existing Glass Explorers the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program. Those that are selected will be able to buy some Glass of their very own and have it shipped to their home.

Even though it's not quite the same as offering open registration, Google's decision to open up its Glass Explorer program by allowing existing members to invite others is exciting news for anyone interested in wearable tech. Google has been improving the software on Glass with several updates, and the fact that it's now ready to expand to new members suggests that the Glass Explorer test program is progressing well. Now to start work on making friends with some existing Explorers!

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