Samsung Z9005 'Redwood' shown running Tizen 2.2.0 in lengthy video demo

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 4, 2013

Samsung Z9005 Redwoord Tizen 2.2.0 video leak

Tizen is a new mobile operating system that's backed by Intel and Samsung as well as a group of various carriers and manufacturers. The OS is still in development and there's no official word on when the first Tizen-powered device will be released to the public, but that hasn't stopped us from getting several peeks at the software as it continues to evolve.

Today we're getting another look at Tizen in action courtesy of a nine-and-a-half minute hands-on video that demonstrates Tizen 2.2.0 running on a Samsung developer device known as the Z9005 "Redwood." Posted by YouTube user "Tizen Experts," the clip give us a good look several of Tizen's settings and features, including an app manager, data usage meter, driving mode and a "Tizengram" camera app that includes several photo filters and shooting modes. We're also treated to a peek at the Tizen 2.2.0 notification shade that features quick access toggles for things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Auto-Rotation.

The flavor of Tizen shown off in this video is reminiscent of Samsung's TouchWiz-ified version of Android. Considering both that Samsung is one of the major backers of Tizen and that it's put a lot of time and effort into developing its TouchWiz software, though, that's not entirely surprising. It's worth noting that Tizen is currently at version 3.0 in its development, and a couple of recently-leaked photos showed that the OS underwent a bit of a makeover in the jump from version 2.x to version 3.0.

Samsung has confirmed that it's got a Tizen-powered smartphone in the works, but the device has reportedly been hit with delays, and today a new rumor from Korean publication iNews24 claims that the launch of Samsung's first Tizen hardware may have been pushed to 2014. The good news is that even though it's unclear when regular schmoes like ourselves will be able to give Tizen a try, we're at least getting a steady stream of early looks at the OS as it grows and matures into a full-fledged mobile platform with body hair and a driver's license. You can check out Tizen 2.2.0 in action in the video embedded below.

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