Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager app updated to enable detailed notifications for all apps

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Own a Samsung Galaxy Gear? If so, you'll definitely want to snag the new update to the Galaxy Gear Manager app. SamMobile notes that the app just received an update that allows users to select which apps can send fully-detailed notifications to the watch. Prior to today's update, the Galaxy Gear would simply tell the wearer to check his or her phone to view a notification in detail. Users can also select opt to push a button on their Gear to view a notification on their phone and view a list of alerts from a notification center.

While getting a notification on your watch that tells you to check your phone for the full details is probably better than not wearing a smartwatch at all, it still kind of goes against the whole reason that a person would want to wear a smartwatch in the first place. This update for the Galaxy Gear Manager app sounds like it ought to make Samsung's smartwatch much more useful, and I'm betting that anyone that's rocking a Gear on their wrist just had their day made with this news.

If you're rocking Samsung's Galaxy Gear, you'll want to be sure that you installed a recent firmware update for the device, and then you can snag this new version of the Galaxy Gear Manager app from the Samsung Apps store. Happy updating!

Via SamMobile, Samsung Apps: Galaxy Gear Manager