Featured user review HTC One 11-18-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: November 18, 2013

Even after falling to #4 on the experts side of the Official Smartphone Rankings, the HTC One was still the fans #1 for another week with 350 votes.  Can the HTC One become a 40 week champion and make it all the way to 2014 in first place as the People's Choice?  

"Near-flawless" By HAYDEN ONG on October 31, 2013

HTC knocked it out of the park on this One! The One may not have the best internals, but they are still more than sufficient for advanced tasks. HTC's user interface Sense is fluid and feature packed experience. The only things that could make this phone better to me would be a micro SD slot and a removable battery, but there are plenty of alternatives to receiving more storage and battery.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.8

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