Verizon now offering prepaid $5 Daily Plan for tablets with 300MB of data

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 21, 2013

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab rear

Verizon today took the wraps off of a new prepaid tablet plan aimed at consumers that need just a little data to nibble on while they're out and about. The new $5 Daily Plan is compatible with tablets and connected devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and includes 300MB of data. As the name implies, the new offering lasts just for one day or until the customer consumes 300MB of data. Customers can purchase another 300MB if they use up their original allotment and find that they still need additional data.

The 300MB bucket included with this new $5 Daily Plan may not sound like much, but it could come in handy for customers that want a connected device or tablet but don't feel that they'd use enough cellular data to necessitate a monthly bucket of megabytes. For example, a consumer could buy a cellular-enabled tablet and use it primarily around the house, but take it with them on a trip and sign up for the new daily offering once or twice. 

In addition to its new $5 Daily Plan, Verizon offers several monthly prepaid plans for tablets and connected devices. Those plans start at $20 per month for 1GB of data and steadily go up from there with options that include 2GB for $30, 4GB for $40, 6GB for $50 and 10GB for $80. All of Verizon's prepaid rate plans can be found right here.

Via Verizon Wireless