White Motorola Droid Ultra leaks out on its way to Verizon

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 25, 2013

Remember yesterday when a white version of the Motorola Droid Mini leaked out and I mentioned that a white variant of the Droid Ultra is also rumored to be on the way? Well, as the old saying goes, "Whoomp! There it is."

Images of the white Droid Ultra have been posted to Twitter today by @evleaks, giving us a clear look at the device's third color option. Just as with the white Droid Mini, this pale Droid Ultra features a totally white chassis rather than the two-tone, black-front-and-white-rear look that some "white" phones end up with.

Motorola and Verizon have shown that they're not shy about refreshing their Droid devices with new paint jobs in the past, so it's not a surprise to learn that that trend is continuing with the Droid Mini and Droid Ultra. As I mentioned before, both the white Droid Mini and Droid Ultra feature bodies that are fully white, and so they ought to stand out a bit more than the all black and black and red models that've been released to date. Now we just need to wait for official word from Moto or Verizon on the availability of these things. With final press renders now circulating, here's to hoping that some announcements are in our immediate future.

Via @evleaks

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