CyanogenMod Installer app pulled from Google Play Store

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 27, 2013

CyanogenMod Installer app

Remember earlier this month when CyanogenMod Installer hit the Google Play Store? Well it appears that the app's stay on the Play Store's shelves was short-lived, as the CyanogenMod team has announced that they've pulled the app from the market. In a post on the team's official blog, CyanogenMod explains that Google said that the app is in violation of Google Play's developer terms because it "encourages users to void their warranty" and must be removed as a result. The app is still available for download from the CyanogenMod team itself and can still be sideloaded onto an Android device.

Google noted that while the CyanogenMod Installer app itself doesn't do anything wrong, the fact that it helps guide users to the desktop application and install a custom ROM onto their device means that it is still in violation of the Play Store's terms. Today's news is definitely a bit of a bummer for the CyanogenMod team, especially since being removed from Google Play means that the app will be much less visible to anyone that's not already aware of CyanogenMod and its custom ROM. The team does note that it plans to submit the CyanogenMod Installer to Amazon and Samsung's app stores, though, so it may not be long before the Installer finds itself a new home. 

Have you used the CyanogenMod Installer app since its debut earlier this month?

Via CyanogenMod Blog