Google search updated to display apps with relevant results

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: December 4, 2013

Google search apps update

Google today announced updates to its official Google Search app for Android and its web search that are aimed at helping users find information inside of other apps and download ones that they don't already have. First up, Google search will now be able to direct users to a specific app if it contains the piece of information that they're hunting for. One example is that users searching for details about a specific movie may be presented with the option of opening up the IMDb app to get their result. Apps will need to be updated to support the feature, but some of the ones that already have it include Etsy, IMDb, Newegg and OpenTable.

What if the best results for a search are inside of an app that the user doesn't have, you ask? Google's got them covered. The company says that search results that include apps will feature links to the app's Google Play listing, making it easy for users to download the app that best suits their needs.

Google says that these app-focused search updates are now available as part of its Google Search for Android app as well as its Chrome and Android browsers. The updates may not seem super exciting, but they do sound like they'll help users to more easily find the info that they're hunting for, and that's always a good thing. More details on the updates and how developers can get their apps included in search results can be found at the Google links below.

Via Engadget, Google: Inside Search, Google Support, Google Play