Heyday is journaling made easy, and I love it

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| December 7, 2013

As much as we here in the industry love to boast about how big this or that app store has gotten, it can still a pain in the neck to sift through app after app in order to find the best ones. After all, I think it's pretty unanimous that we as consumers feel that quality is more important than quantity in an app store; it just so happens that the two platforms with the largest pool of applications also have the highest quality ones, but that doesn't mean there aren't still a truckload of duds that come through every once in a while. 

It can sometimes seem like we've already found all of the best and most well-developed applications on each market. If nothing else, it's not hard to find the most popular ones. As I get older, it's strange to see what some of these most popular applications are, like Snapchat, Instagram or even something as mundane as Angry Birds. Things like viewing a photo for just a few moments, piling on filter after filter until you can hardly tell there is a photo behind all of them or catapulting fowls into sickly looking swines aren't exactly my cup of tea. But that's the beauty of app stores, is that even if the most popular applications aren't your cup of tea you can probably find something that is right up your alley, and fortunately I think I've come across something that I think a lot of people will come to enjoy as the application gains more attention.

The application is called Heyday, and to put it simply, the application is journaling made easy. It's a new, revolutionary way to organize your day-to-day activities without having to put any extra effort into it. You use your smartphone like you normally would and Heyday organizes it for you.

I have always wanted to keep a journal. I've actually started several - I have a box full of journals with just a few pages written in each one of them starting from the time that I was about 8. I would start a journal, write a few pages, forget about it and then once I wanted to start a journal again I felt it had been too long since I last wrote in a journal and would see it fit to start over in a new one. This habit continued all the way until... well, now. Let's just say I'm not the best at keeping a written record of my life. In fact, most people I know aren't. Well, we are, but not in the traditional sense. We look to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to briefly talk about important moments in our day, our favorite song quotes depending on how we are feeling, funny pictures and photos of whatever we are eating or doing at any given moment. Although most of the time we post these as a means of sharing what we are doing with the people close to us in life, sometimes you just want to post just to have a record of what you're doing. So, essentially, Heyday is the offline, personal version of Facebook.

To me, it's a perfect concept because it's even easier than Facebook. I don't have to go out of my way to post to it - and since it's just for my own personal use, I don't have to monitor anything. Pictures I take, photos I save, places I've been and friends I tag in other apps are all synced to Heyday (if you choose to); even if you don't want certain photos or things to show up in Heyday, you can remove them. The nice thing about that is that if you remove the photo from your photo album, the photo is removed from Heyday. If you remove the photo from Heyday, the photo stays in your photo album. 

Heyday uses a concept that we're already familiar with using our social networks, it just simplifies it so it's a personal journal for you to look at. Every once in a while I get the urge to go back through my (cringworthy) Facebook posts of my teenage years (it's still hard for me to believe that mine has been active for almost 8 years now - isn't that something?), so the concept behind Heyday makes sense for people like me who just want to review every once in a while what you've been up to the past year, two years, or however far back you want to reminisce without coming across that week-long marathon of Linkin Park lyrics you posted when you found out your high school sweetheart looked at another girl without utter disgust, that jerk

The concept is simple, the app is simple, and recording your life is simple. So far, the only thing I dislike about this app is that it's only available on iOS. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see this application become available on more platforms in the future - at least, I hope it does. 

Readers, what are your thoughts on Heyday? Does the concept behind the application seem like something you would be interested in? If so, and you're an iOS user, you can download this application for free right now in the app store and start keeping track of your life, completely effort free! Let us know your thoughts on this innovative app in the comments below!

Images via NBC, AllThingsD