Samsung posts brief 'Just for you' teaser video [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 7, 2013

Samsung Just for you teaser video

Ready for a good weekend mystery? Samsung Taiwan today posted a 22-second video to YouTube titled "Just for you" that teases...something. The short clip shows what looks to be a Samsung smartphone at different angles and with phrases like "Just fit," at which point the device is shown with a Galaxy Gear (complete with a date of Dec. 9), "Just simple," "Just elegant," and "Just fast." We can see during the clip that the product has power and volume buttons on its sides, a microUSB port on its bottom and an LTE logo stamped onto its backside.

So what does Samsung have up its sleeve? That's still up in the air for now, because just like every other teaser, this video doesn't reveal much about the device that it's teasing. It seems unlikely that the company would already be showing off a new flagship Galaxy S or Note product, but the fact that Samsung went to the trouble to put together a 22-second teaser for this device certainly has me interested in it. Here's to hoping that the Dec. 9 date shown on the Gear is actually a hint at a forthcoming announcement so that we're not sitting here and hypothesizing for an extended period of time.

UPDATE: As noted by PhoneDog readers Ken McDilda and Carlos Garay as well as Engadget, it appears that Samsung is teasing the Taiwanese launch of the Galaxy J. This notion is supported not only by Samsung's repeated use of the word "just," but also by the "SC-02F" that's shown on the side of the device at the 0:07 mark in this clip. That just so happens to be the model number of the Galaxy J, which was announced in October and is currently available from Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. Now we wait for Monday to see if this theory holds true.

Via Android Central, YouTube