Android 4.4.2 update now making its way to Nexus devices

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: December 9, 2013

Android 4.4.2 update Nexus 5

Less than a week after Google began pushing Android 4.4.1 out to the Nexus 5, it looks like the Big G has started rolling Android 4.4.2 to multiple Nexus devices. So far it's been reported that Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 units have all started to receive the update, and some manual download links have also started to make the rounds.

Google has yet to make any official announcements regarding this update, but Sprint today announced that an update to build KOT49H is being released to the Nexus 5. The update that was sent out by Google last week was KOT49E, meaning that the KOT49H update is a tiny bit newer. Sprint admin "4Social" says that the KOT49E update was found to contain an "issue," so it was replaced with this fresher KOT49H build.

There's no word yet on exactly what the issue was that caused the KOT49E build to be pulled or what's included in the small KOT49H. Sprint has posted a small changelog for its Nexus 5 update, though, explaining that it includes fixes for clearing the Nexus 5's voicemail indicator and for the delivery of the indicator, some other unspecified software fixes and "security enhancements."

It's kind of strange to see Android 4.4.2 beginning its rollout less than a week after Android 4.4.1 hit, but the good news is that Google appears to have acted pretty swiftly to address whatever issue was discovered in 4.4.1. If you're rocking an Android 4.4-powered Nexus device like the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 or Nexus 7, be sure to keep an eye out for this fresh version of KitKat on your device. Alternatively, you can hit up the Android Police link below to find the manual download links if you're impatient and would rather sideload the update yourself.

Via Android Police, Sprint