It looks like this will be a tablet holiday

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| December 10, 2013
Are you the technology expert in your circle(s)? Are you the person that everyone you know turns to when it comes to things that have LEDs, touchscreens, or quad-core processors? When it comes to family and friends, are you the emergency contact when something breaks, starts lagging or otherwise stops responding? Are you the speed dial contact for someone who needs a new phone, computer or something else that makes cool sounds when you turn it on?
If you are, or you know someone like that, then you know that this time of year can be pretty crazy. Sure, a lot of devices get purchased throughout the year, especially when it comes to phones, but when it comes to the holiday shopping season it gets turned to a whole new level. It probably wouldn't be too bad if there weren't so many deals out there, all of which are meant to move so much stock in a short period of time.
When someone sees that a tablet that's normally upwards of $300 is going to be only $99 for one day only, questions have to be asked. "Is it worth it?" or "Will I like it?" Depending on the tablet, or other device in general, and the person you're talking to, even spending one hundred dollars for something that's normally three hundred may not be worth it. Yes, it's a deal, but if it's still not worth the money to that specific person, then there's no point in standing in line, is there?
This year, I'm hearing a lot about a certain type of device, way more than I have in previous years. And I can't help but think it's just about time more than anything else.
Tablets. This year, it's been all about tablets. And it's not just from my family or friends, but also from what I'm seeing on Twitter and other social networks. It seems that this is the year of the "second screen," more so than I've seen in past holiday shopping seasons. And it could very well be just because of the deals that companies are issuing this year. Maybe they're just trying to move the products more than they have in the past. Or, it could be that the market has finally reached its cruising altitude.
There's no doubt that the tablet market has picked up speed over the last three years, but it hasn't been until recently that the majority of the devices on the market have been worth buying. It wasn't all that long ago that the majority of Android-based tablets on the market were simply not very good, and not worth the money you'd slap down to get them. But, more than that, the market has expanded in all the right ways. Even the Windows RT tablets out there on the market right now aren't terrible, even if you aren't a fan of the software at least the hardware is worthwhile.
And the same can be said about Android tablets now, too. The new Nexus 7 is fantastic, both in the software and hardware departments. And then there are the variants, like Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX and its Mayday button. Our technology has caught up to the ideas, and now our devices are better than ever before.
I'm not at all surprised that I'm seeing more attention to tablets this year, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the market sees a boost in numbers after the holiday shopping season comes to an end. Plus, I can't wait to see the different devices people get.
As for me? I've recommended a wide array of devices, from Dell's Venue 8 Pro, to the new Nexus 7 and Apple's new iPad Air. I'll be buying a pair of tablets this year, too, for my daughters. Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, for what it's worth. (I'll be explaining why in an article tomorrow, so keep an eye out.)
But what about you? Are you planning on buying yourself or someone you know a tablet this holiday season? Did you take advantage of a deal to get your hands on one? Or are you staying away from tablets this year? Let me know!