Android Device Manager app now available for download from the Google Play Store

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 11, 2013

Android Device Manager app Google Nexus 5 screenshots

After rolling out a web version of its Android Device Manager back in August, Google today launched a dedicated app for the device tracking tool into the Play Store. The app works similarly to the web-based product, allowing users to locate devices that are associated with their Google account, make a lost unit ring, reset a lock screen PIN an even wipe all of the data on a device. Android Device Manager weighs in at just 1.7MB in size and requires Android 2.3 or higher for installation.

Obviously for users with just one piece of Android-powered hardware, this new Android Device Manager app won't do much good. For anyone with multiple devices, though, the app provides an easy way to keep track of them all while also being a bit more convenient and speedy than having to fire up a browser and navigate to the web-based version of ADM. I've loaded some screenshots of the Android Device Manager app into the gallery at the bottom of this post, but if you're just interested in downloading, you can hit up the Google Play Store link below.

Via Google Play Store: Android Device Manager