Rezence announced as Alliance for Wireless Charging's new brand, first products due in early 2014

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 12, 2013

Rezence Alliance for Wireless Power charging

Wireless charging is still a fairly young technology, and there are currently a few different standards duking it out for the minds and devices of consumers. One of those is the Alliance for Wireless Power (AW4P), which today announced a new consumer-facing brand for its tech that it hopes will resonate with consumers. The new brand is known as "Rezence," a name that the AW4P explains is a combination of the words "resonance" and "essence" that's meant to convey both the technology itself as well as its ability to charge all kinds of electronics.

Rezence utilizes magentic resonance to feed power to compatible devices. The AW4P explains that this tech is superior to the traditional magnetic induction method of wireless charging because it allows the chargers to offer an improved charging range, including surfaces and even objects such as clothing, as well as the ability to charge multiple devices with different power needs at once.

The first batch of Rezence products are expected to debut in 2014, but so far the AW4P hasn't named any specific devices that are coming to market. There are a number of mobile companies that are a part of the AW4P, though, including HTC, LG and Samsung.

As I mentioned before, there are currently multiple groups that are fighting to make their wireless charging standard the dominant one in the space, including the AW4P, Power Matters Alliance and the Wireless Power Consortium. It's too early to tell which will emerge victorious, but the "Rezence" brand is a bit more consumer-friendly than "AW4P," and when you're battling with two other groups for the wireless charging world, every little bit helps. Now we just have to wait and see if the group can follow this up with some quality products that convince consumers to go with its standard over the other two.

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Via The Verge, Rezence