Sometimes I just want to throw my phone across a room

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| December 12, 2013

Sometimes a phone is like music. If you get your hands on a new piece of hardware, and along with it comes a new batch of software with new features and tweaks to the way things work, it may take some time to start liking it. Just like some albums "grow on you" over time and with a few listens, a phone or other device can grow on you the more you use it.

Some might think it's better if you fall in love with a phone right off the bat. From that first moment you touch it, hold it in your hand and play around with the mobile OS, it's better if you love everything about it right out of the gate. But, I'm not sure that that's true. To be honest, I could see someone falling out of love with a device, essentially getting bored with it, in that scenario faster than someone who grows to love a device.

It all depends on the person, in any situation. Whether you stay in a committed relationship with your device, or if the boredom gets to you and you jump ship to something else entirely. There's no telling when it will happen, or even why. It may not even be boredom that gets you to ditch your current device and search for something different.

It could be frustration.

I hate when I get annoyed with my phone because it's not doing something I want it to. It could be something that's just not working that's supposed to, like a Bluetooth-connected device, or first party app that's not working correctly. Most recently I got annoyed with something that wasn't working the way I thought it should when trying to find the "to-do list" in Apple's stock Calendar app. You can find it by tapping the search function, which . . . Yeah, I'm just going to say that's a dumb place to put it. Makes *very* little sense.

That's just one scenario. There's another that's worse, if you ask me. Yes, it's frustrating when something isn't working the way you think it should, or that there's a feature missing from one platform to another. That is definitely rough. But when you try to do something on your phone and it just flat-out doesn't work? No matter how many times you try, it just refuses to do what it's supposed to? Ah, that drives me crazy.

For example, the small 'X' you'll find throughout iOS and within iOS-based apps that allow you to either close out a page, close a notification, or clear a text box for quick reentry. They're pretty common, and they are certainly not new to the platform by any means. But for some reason they seem to be giving me a lot more trouble these days than ever before.

I normally don't have any issues with the X's in Apple's Notification Center, mind you. I did at first, with the first two betas of iOS 7, but ever since Apple made them slightly bigger and more noticeable within the drop-down shade, I haven't had any issues activating them. However, yesterday wasn't a typical day, apparently.

I couldn't hit any X to close anything yesterday to save my life. Every time I tried, I had to try a second, third, or even a fourth time to get it to work the way it's supposed to the first time. The worst offender? The X in the text-entry box within the Spotify app. I sat for way longer than I should have trying to hit that X to get a name of a band out of the box so I could filter my music collection to find another band. It would have taken me less time to just tap into the text box itself and delete the text manually, but for some reason I just really needed that X to work the way I knew it was supposed to.

It was driving me crazy that it wasn't working the way it should, and for a brief moment I considered tossing the device across the room in frustration. I've returned a new device because of frustration before, but thankfully a rational part of my mind kept me from returning anything. So far.

Are there any parts of your phone, whether it be hardware or software, that drive you crazy from time to time? Or have you ever had a device in the past that frustrated you so much that you were forced to return it before you did something crazy? Let me know what drives you crazy about your phone!

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