Moto X with bamboo back cover now available in Moto Maker

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: December 17, 2013

Bamboo Moto X wooden back cover

Motorola teased over the weekend that anyone waiting for a wooden Moto X may want to hold off on DIY-ing their own unit, suggesting that the launch of the Moto X's custom wood backs was finally near. Fast-forward to today and at least one wood cover is now available for purchase through the Moto Maker customization tool.

Upon entering the Moto Maker website, users are now greeted with a new "Natural" option above the various color categories. Described as being an "Online Exclusive," the category contains only a bamboo option as of this writing. Selecting bamboo will slap a wooden backside onto the preview Moto X, and from there the user can continue to customize the rest of the device with a black or white front panel, several accent colors and so on. The bamboo back costs $100 and is listed with an estimated delivery of 14 days.

Motorola originally announced that customers would be able to add wood backs to their custom-designed Moto X units way back at the device's August debut. We hadn't heard much about them between then and the aforementioned teaser than surfaced this past weekend, but apparently Motorola has decided to surprise us by adding the bamboo backing today.

It's been said that Motorola would offer a handful of different wood backs, including rosewood, teak and ebony, but it looks like the only option right now is bamboo. I'm sure that many folks that've been waiting for the arrival of the wood Moto X backs are just happy to finally see at least one option in Moto Maker, though. Now hit up the customization tool below and get to ordering!

Via Moto Maker

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