SoftBank CEO reportedly in talks with banks about financing for possible T-Mobile deal

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 20, 2013

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Remember that recent rumor that claimed that Sprint is considering making a bid for T-Mobile in 2014? While it's still not clear if Sprint will actually end up trying to acquire T-Mo, a new report claims that it's a move that SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son is seriously looking into.

Sources speaking to Bloomberg claim that Son has held discussions with several banks about securing financing for an attempted acquisition of T-Mobile. It's said that Son is asking for around $20 billion that could be used to pay for Deutsche Telekom's 67 percent stake in T-Mo, which DT has said that it's ready and willing to sell. Son's talks with the banks are described as being in the early stages, but so far it appears as though the money is available to the exec. Despite DT's willingness to sell its stake in T-Mo and Son's interest in buying it, though, the two haven't yet held any discussions about a possible deal.

So where does Sprint stand in all of this? Management at the carrier is reportedly not totally feeling a potential T-Mobile acquisition, citing concerns over incompatible network tech. Still, Son has asked them to evaluate a potential Sprint-T-Mobile deal for any ways that they could cut costs or for any regulatory problems that could arise. 

Obviously we'll have to wait and see if Sprint even makes an attempt at acquiring T-Mobile, but if it does, the deal will face a tough road on its way to completion. Not only will opponents of the merger point out that Sprint and T-Mo have two different types of networks, but I have a feeling that many folks would fight to keep T-Mobile independent given all of the major changes that the carrier has made lately and the effects that they've had on the wireless industry. Still, it sounds like SoftBank CEO and Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son is putting some real thought into trying to snap up T-Mobile, and so a potential Sprint-T-Mo deal is sure to be a hot topic in mobile as we enter 2014.

If Sprint were to try and acquire T-Mobile, do you think that the deal would actually go through?

Via Bloomberg