I want a bigger iPhone, not a bigger iPad, Apple

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| December 23, 2013

We’re now just a few days away from the end of December, and with it, the end of 2013. It also means that we’re inching our way closer to some brand new devices — just as we always are. But with 2014, the excitement is a bit more palpable. It is with me, anyway. Companies are gearing up to create some fantastic devices, utilize some new ideas, and we’re sure to see handsets that are far more exciting than they have been in the past.

And it isn’t just one company, either. In 2014 we should see the fruits of Microsoft’s labor, for instance. The company has been working towards the goal of becoming their own devices & services company, and with the purchase of Nokia’s division, we’re all looking forward to seeing what Microsoft believes a smartphone should be. Plus, we get to see their mobile operating system, Windows Phone, (finally) get a major software upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 next year, so it could all come together to create quite the year for the Redmond-based company.

HTC could have a very big year in 2014, too. The company has a remarkably strong foundation to work from with its One handset, and I know a lot of people are looking forward to the handset’s successor in the early part of the year. It’s not just about the smartphone, though, as HTC is said to be working on a brand new piece of wearable technology, as well as a new tablet — all of which is reportedly getting special attention from CEO Peter Chou.

For anyone who might even remotely be a Samsung fan, 2014 can’t come soon enough. We’ve been hearing reports and rumors about Samsung’s plan for next year for quite some time now, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear fans of the company’s devices chomping at the bit to see what the Galaxy S 5 and the Galaxy Note 4 will look like in their metal-framed bodies. Plus, with a bigger focus being put on TouchWiz, even the harshest of critics might not have much to argue about come 2014.

LG and Motorola, all of which surprised many people in 2013 with their handsets this year. In 2014, they could do it all over again.

Then there's Apple. In 2013 we saw the release of the iPhone 5s, the iterative, bi-yearly release that copied more than it revolutionized. To be fair, this year the iPhone was more about iOS, with the release of iOS 7 and major changes there. But next year it’s all about the hardware (and whatever new things Apple puts in the software), and it will certainly be interesting to see how Apple’s flagship device evolves from its current version. Plus, I’m interested to see how Apple fills the opening for a new iPhone 5c — will we see an iPhone 6c? Suspense!

Recently, Tim Cook teased that Apple has “big things” planned for 2014, and that “customers are going to love” what’s coming down the pipe. There’s “a lot to look forward to,” if you’re into that kind of terminology. I’m not sure that anyone thought Apple was resting on their laurels and not looking ahead, and I imagine that Cook & Company would consider anything the company is working on worthy of their customers, and something to look forward to.

But, 2014 is different. A little. Hopefully. We’ve heard that Apple’s working on a bigger iPad, and we’ve heard that the company has been fooling around with varying display sizes for the iPhone. It’s no secret that while millions of people across the globe are buying the iPhone and its current display size, many still want the phone to have a bigger screen. Could 2014 see an increase from four inches to 4.7-inches? Even bigger?

If we’re looking for a literal interpretation of Tim Cook’s words, then “big things” could suggest that Apple is indeed gearing up to launch devices with big(ger) displays. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the iPhone, either. It could very well be that aforementioned bigger iPad, which is rumored to launch with a 12.9-inch display.

Or, it could mean a really big display with a new Apple TV. Because, you know, eventually.

I think Apple’s iPad Air, with a display size of 9.7-inches, is just about the biggest a tablet needs to be, so from a personal standpoint I’m not sure I see any point to a tablet with a display size bigger than my laptop’s. Moreover, if there’s nothing major changing with iOS —the operating system the iPad uses— then I’m not sure I see the point. If you haven’ already replaced your laptop with a full-sized iPad, I don’t think you’d do it now just because it’s going to have a bigger display. It’s not like the software is going to change, or the apps. They’ll just be bigger.

At the same time, I know that Apple and every other company out there loves to add members to their device lineup, so having three iPad sizes could be a good thing for them. As far as I’m concerned, though, I’d much rather have an iPhone with a (slightly) bigger display, rather than have an iPad with a huge screen.

Where do you stand, though? Do you think you’d buy an iPad with a 12-inch or bigger display? Or would you much prefer to see an iPhone with a bigger screen? If you haven’t already, would you switch to an Apple product if either one of those things came true? Let me know!

Front image via iMore