New Nokia Normandy leak shows the Android device in several colors

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 23, 2013

Nokia Normandy Android device image leak

After first showing its face in a leaked image earlier this month, Nokia's Android-powered "Normandy" is back again today with some new duds to show off.

A new image posted by @evleaks claims to show the Normandy in black, green, white, yellow and blue in addition to the red outfit that it appeared in previously. Just as with the last leak, the device features Nokia branding on its face along with a lone back button, a camera on its backside and a design that's reminiscent of Nokia's past Lumia and Asha hardware.

The Nokia Normandy is rumored to be a low-cost device that runs a customized version of Android. It's said that Nokia employees intends for the Normandy to be an affordable phone similar to its current Asha products, but with the capability of running full-on smartphone apps.

While the people working on the Normandy have reportedly been told that the device is slated to launch in 2014, it's not clear if the phone will actually ever see the fluorescent light of a retail store due to Microsoft's impending acquisition of Nokia's Devices & Services division. The deal is expected to close in early 2014 and has already earned approval from the U.S. Justice Department, European Commission and Nokia's shareholders.

Considering that a Nokia-made Android device is one of the most oft-requested pieces of mobile hardware in recent memory, I'm betting that quite a few folks are hoping that the Normandy can somehow sneak its way onto store shelves, even if it's said to be a lower-end product. What do you make of these Normandy rumors? Would you buy one based on what we know of it so far?

Via @evleaks