When I go from device to device, in search of that perfect phone, I do what probably everyone else does: go through the routine. I check out the screen with some high definition videos. I check out the speakers with some calls on speaker (and more videos). I move through home screens, and launch apps only to close them in quick succession. On Android, I do my best to cause a forced closure, and on iOS I do my best to get the Springboard to relaunch. (I know not everyone aims to “break” a phone, but I just like to see what the threshold’s at. A device gets huge bonus points for not failing on me.)

I go through the process of testing all these things over the course of a few days, from the keyboard to the front-facing camera, just to see how it all compares to the device I owned previously. Is it a step up? To put it bluntly: is it _better_? If the phone I want to switch to isn’t better than what I was using previously, then I won’t switch. I’m not moving laterally, and I’m especially not stepping backwards when I get my hands on a new piece of hardware.

Since the camera has become my most important feature, when I finally get around to testing that specific piece of functionality it can mean the end of my time with a phone pretty quickly. No matter if I’ve liked everything else about the device or not. Motorola’s Moto X was quickly becoming my favorite phone of 2013, up until I used the camera, for instance.

I should really start testing the camera first. Hmm…

Last night I found myself messing around with the Moto X again, playing around with the features and trying to hold back the desire to use it as my personal device. I’ve tried and it didn’t work out, but I’m telling you right now that the Moto X is just one of those devices that calls to you when you have it in your hand. With so many devices out there, it’s rare to find one that fits so well in the hand, and the Moto X fits that bill.

That’s when I realized that the perfect device may actually just be a merging of two current handsets. While I sat there and played around with the Moto X, I kept thinking about how much the camera had disappointed me, and if only it had been better . . . That’s when the Lumia 1020 from Nokia flashed into my head. And suddenly it became clear.

As it stands right now, the app situation on Windows Phone keeps me from sticking around the mobile OS for long. So while I think the Lumia 1020 is a great device overall, I basically just want that camera to be pulled from the device and shoved into another handset. Which handset, you ask? Well, that should be obvious: the Moto X!

Right now, at this very moment, that’s what I think my perfect device moving into 2014 would be. And some people might think I’m crazy, because then you’ve got “the hump” on the back of the Moto X, but I’d happily accept that bump if Motorola could make sure the device as a whole still felt great in the hand. (For what it’s worth, the Lumia 1020 does feel good in the hand, so I think Motorola could figure it out.)

Stepping out of the Fictional Bubble for a moment, and looking at the state of devices moving forward, I just want there to be a bigger focus on cameras in general. I know we’ve focused on cameras before in the past, which is what led us to cameras like that in the Lumia 1020, but I want more companies to embrace the feature, too. Not just Samsung, Nokia and Apple. LG got it close, and so did HTC, but there’s still a lot of room to grow and improve.

I want to see some amazing cameras in 2014. Let’s make that a reality.

Is that something you’re hoping we see in 2014, too? If you had the ability, which two devices would you combine to make a Super Phone? Let me know!

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