Apple asks for sales ban on several Samsung devices

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Mega iPhone 5

After an appeals court awarded Apple a second chance to get a ban on several Samsung devices in mid-November, Apple yesterday took that opportunity and asked for just such an injunction.

Bloomberg notes that Apple has asked Judge Lucy Koh for a sales ban on over 20 different Samsung phones and tablets, including the Galaxy S 4G and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Cupertino firm argues that even though Samsung says that it no longer sells the devices that infringe its patents, a ban is still important to Apple because it would help to fight any future patent infringement from Samsung devices that are similar to those that have already been found to infringe. Samsung declined to comment on Apple's request.

Apple and Samsung have been going at it in the court room for quite some time, and while there hasn't been a ton of action lately, the two companies do still occasionally throw a legal punch every now and then. This latest request for an injunction relates to Apple's 2012 trial victory in which a jury determined that Samsung had infringed on the Cupertino firm's patents. While Apple's first attempt to get a ban on the infringing devices failed, an appeals court recently told Apple that it could file another request related to smartphone features like multitouch rather than designs. It'll definitely be interesting to see if Apple is successful in getting a ban on its second go-around, so stay tuned and I'll pass along more details as I get 'em.

Via Bloomberg