HTC EVO 4G LTE Android 4.3 update now expected in mid-February

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 30, 2013


As I'm sure that many EVO 4G LTE owners recall, we heard earlier this year that HTC planned to update the Sprint-branded device to Android 4.3 before the calendar flipped over to 2014. However, that calendar flip will be taking place on Wednesday and the EVO 4G LTE is still on Android 4.1. Neither HTC nor Sprint have said much about the EVO 4G LTE's 4.3 update since back in October, but now HTC President Jason MacKenzie has taken to Twitter to break that silence and reveal that, unsurprisingly, the E4GLTE's wait for Android 4.3 will extend into 2014.

Mackenzie says that the EVO 4G LTE's update to Android 4.3 is now expected to enter Sprint's testing process in the middle of January followed by a consumer release in mid-February. The exec didn't get into specifics about why the update will miss its original rollout window, but he did say that an unspecified issue came up and caused the Android 4.3 bump to be delayed.

Even though most EVO 4G LTE owners likely suspected that their Android 4.3 update had been delayed now that its December 30 and there's no sign of any impending rollout, this news of a delay is still kind of a bummer. It's important to remember that unforeseen issues can and sometimes do appear during the update process, though. The good news is that the EVO 4G LTE's Android 4.3 update is still coming and that we've got a new mid-February release window to target. Here's to hoping that no other problems pop up when the update enters testing next month.

How many of you are still rocking the EVO 4G LTE as your daily driver? If you are, how has the device been treating you lately

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