Google Glass Explorer invitations going out to Play Music All Access subscribers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 31, 2013

Google Glass Play Music All Access invitation

Since initially opening its Glass Explorer Program to I/O 2012 attendees, Google has expanded the test program for its smart eyewear to allow interested consumers to sign up for the chance to buy a unit, and the company has also given existing users the chance to invite friends to partake in the testing. Now it looks like the Glass Explorer program is growing once again.

Google is now inviting subscribers of its Play Music All Access service to purchase Glass to coincide with the launch of the device's XE12 update, which includes support for Play Music playlists and radio. Play Music All Access subscribers that are interested in buying some Glass of their own can expect to pony up $1500 for a unit.

While Google has been steadily opening its Glass Explorer program to more and more consumers throughout the past year or so, it was still somewhat difficult to get into the test due to the limited number of invitations given to existing Explorers as well as other factors. Google's decision to extend invitations to Play Music All Access subscribers should open up the Glass Explorer program quite a bit, though, and it's a move that suggests that Glass is getting closer to a public launch.

Have any of you received an invitation to purchase Google Glass through Play Music All Access?

Via Android Central