LG Lifeband Touch wristwear shown off in leaked image

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 31, 2013

We've seen a lot of wearable tech emerge over the past year or so, including the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Jawbone Up and Google Glass, and now it looks like LG is getting ready to enter the wearable arena as well.

A new image posted by @evleaks claims to show the "LG Lifeband Touch," a black wristband with an LG logo and a green ring on its body. There's not a lot concrete information available about the Lifeband Touch quite yet, but its name and its resemblance to devices like the Nike FuelBand and Jawbone Up suggest that it could be a fitness tracker of some sort.

As the base of wireless customers without a smartphone continues to shrink, device makers are increasingly branching out and expanding their product portfolios with new types of hardware. Wearable tech is one market segment that is seeing a lot of attention lately thanks to factors like the shrinking size and growing power of components, the popularity of devices like the Pebble smartwatch and the desire of many consumers to always be connected. In addition to this Lifeband Touch, we've previously heard that LG is prepping both a smartwatch and Google Glass competitor, so it appears that the Life's Good crew recognizes the wearable market as a good place to grow.

Via @evleaks