AT&T giving T-Mobile customers up to $450 credit to switch

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 3, 2014

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is known for taking shots at AT&T, mocking the carrier's network, plan offerings and more. AT&T hasn't lobbed quite as many comments toward T-Mobile, but today AT&T responded to Legere and T-Mobile's critiques with an offer aimed at getting Magenta subscribers to make the change to Blue.

AT&T has announced that starting today, Jan. 3, T-Mobile customers can earn a credit of up to $450 per line when they switch to AT&T and trade in their existing smartphone. The limited time offer consists of a trade-in credit of up to $250 given to T-Mobile customers that hand their current device in to AT&T, as well as an additional $200 bill credit if they sign up for an AT&T Next Plan, buy a phone at full retail price or bring their own hardware. AT&T says that its new offer will be available for a limited time.

While not every T-Mobile switcher will get the full $450 credit being touted by AT&T in its announcement, most folks should still be able to snag a decent chunk of change. T-Mobile is rumored to be prepping a similar offer for launch later this month that would see it cover the Early Termination Fee of any customer that agrees to jump ship to the Magenta network. Such an offer would likely be announced as part of T-Mo's Uncarrier 4.0 initiative at CES next week. For now, though, AT&T's offer is the one in the spotlight, and it'll definitely be interesting to see how T-Mobile and John Legere respond.

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