LG plasters webOS branding throughout CES 2014 booth, complete with refreshed look

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 4, 2014

LG webOS booth CES 2014

Last month, an LG executive confirmed that his company is planning to show off its webOS-powered smart TV at CES 2014 next week, and since then details of the unit have steadily been trickling out. That stream of leaks continues tonight with some images of LG's CES booth that show that the company is planning to push it's recently-acquired platform pretty hard.

Several photos shared by The Verge show that LG has plastered its CES booth with webOS branding that's slightly tweaked from the logo that HP used. The biggest changes with the new webOS branding is the "b", which has lost the tail that it when HP owned the card-based OS, and the black and red color scheme that's similar to the one used in LG's own logo. The LG booth also includes descriptors like "simple connection," "easy navigation" and "fun setup." Unfortunately, the webOS TV itself doesn't appear to be on the show floor quite yet.

LG has yet to reveal any details about its webOS TV, but if the rumor mill is to be believed, the unit will feature an industrial design with a thin bezel, 2.2GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM. Also expected to be included is a card-based user interface that's slightly tweaked from the one that was present on devices like the Pre and TouchPad. 

While webOS wasn't in the news much in the months following LG's decision to buy it from HP back in February, the platform has been popping up quite a bit lately. It's been good to see another platform making headlines, and even though it remains to be seen exactly how well LG's webOS-powered TV will do with consumers, it's pretty cool to see that LG is planning to show so much support for it. Now we just have to wait for LG to officially introduce us to its flavor of webOS and show how it works on television hardware.

Via The Verge