What could T-Mobile do to make you T-Move to their network?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from Kansas City, MO
Published: January 5, 2014

Last year, T-Mobile did a whole lot in order to complete their 2013 New Year's resolution: shaking up the industry. They got rid of contracts, created affordable plans, and have even offered to give away up to 200MB of free data every month to anybody who owns a T-Mobile capable tablet. Needless to say, over the past year the smallest wireless carrier has managed to turn the most heads. Unsurprisingly, the carrier isn't through with your attention yet, as there is still a final "UnCarrier" phase left that's set to be revealed during CES 2014.

The actual phase isn't known as of right now, but rumor has it that T-Mobile's final plan is to buy their way to your heart by possibly paying for any early termination fees that might have been blocking your way into their arms before. While it's just a rumor, AT&T has already made a response by offering T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch to their network; meanwhile, Verizon and Sprint customers aren't exactly left out as they are still offered $100 rewards to switch to AT&T. 

I've discussed this rumor before when it comes to T-Mobile. I hope that it happens. I've always thought that Early Termination Fees are ridiculously high, and sometimes that 14-day window that you have to opt-out of a contract just isn't long enough for you to realize how much trouble you're in whether it regards cell service or customer service. Sometimes you just want out, but after that 14 days you can only get out by paying a hefty fee - something ranging around $200-$350. 

Although it would be a huge move for T-Mobile to pay for early termination fees, I'm still waiting for the day that the T-Mobile network expands. In my mind, that's the biggest thing that's holding most people back. They have great monthly plans, great principals, and have done a stupendous job of giving consumers a glimpse of what's really going on in the mobile industry and trying to make things right. When it comes to coverage, however, T-Mobile is somewhat slacking in a lot of areas. If you're lucky enough to have good T-Mobile coverage area, then you've hit the jackpot of all carriers, especially if they end up paying Early Termination Fees. However, for a lot of markets, or even people who travel a lot, T-Mobile probably isn't the first pick. But perhaps that's where the possible Sprint/T-Mobile merger could come into play? 

T-Mobile's 2014 New Year's resolutions have been revealed. Last year's resolutions was to "Shake up" the industry, while this year's resolutions are more about "transforming" the industry. I have to admit that I'm impressed with what I'm seeing from the carrier; the past year has been nothing short of a surprise when it comes to how T-Mobile has reshaped not only themselves, but also the industry. I'm intrigued to see what they have in store for 2014 and exactly how they plan to transform the industry. 

With the ETF rumor at bay and now knowing that T-Mobile wants to continue moving in a positive direction throughout 2014, I wanted to find out from you, the reader, what your thoughts on T-Mobile are at this point. Have you already switched, have you considered switching, or are you planning to stick by your current carrier? What are you hoping to see from T-Mobile in 2014? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Image via The Full Signal