LG drops some early details on its webOS smart TV, Life Band Touch wearable

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 5, 2014

LG webOS Smart TV official CES 2014

LG's CES 2014 press event doesn't kick off until 11:00 a.m. ET tomorrow morning, but apparently the company just couldn't wait to tell us about some of the new products that it brought with it to Las Vegas.

One of the more highly-anticipated products of CES 2014 is LG's webOS-powered smart TV. In the (machine translated) announcement posted tonight, LG highlights three big features of its new smart TV platform:

  • Simple Connection: LG has worked to simplify the process of setting up the unit with an easy-to-understand user experience. Animated characters will appear the first time that the TV is turned on to guide the user through the setup process.
  • Simple Switching: LG's webOS-powered smart TV platform features a launcher that allows users to easily multitask and switch between recently-used and favorite apps, perform real-time searches and more, all while watching live TV. The unit also features voice and gesture recognition.
  • Simple Discovery: The LG Smart TV includes a "Today" section for quick access to popular and recommended content as well as an LG Store in which users can find the freshest popular content at a glance.

Just as we expected after seeing early photos of LG's CES 2014 booth last night, the Life's Good crew is planning to push webOS pretty hard. The company says that the software will be used on more than 70 percent of the smart TVs that it will release in 2014. Launch details for those units are still light, but LG does mention Korea, the U.S. and Europe as markets that will see webOS-equipped sets.

In addition to its new webOS TV, LG tonight revealed its Life Band Touch wristband. As you might've gathered from its name, the Life Band Touch is a fitness tracker that is aware of its wearer's movements, step count and distance traveled. The unit is also water resistant so that it can keep track of even your sweatiest workouts. When connected to an Android or iOS smartphone, the Life Band Touch can display incoming calls and control the music that's being played on the handset.

LG will likely dive into more detail on its webOS-based smart TV platform and Life Band Touch wristband at its official CES presser, which is now less than 12 hours away. Stay tuned and I'll bring you more info on both of those products and whatever else LG pulls out of its hat.

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