Sony confirms ongoing discussions with Microsoft regarding Windows Phone

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 10, 2014

Sony Xperia ZL

Late last year, the rumor mill as abuzz with word that Sony may be holding talks with Microsoft about finally joining the Windows Phone party. It turns out that those discussions are the real deal, as Sony has confirmed that it's holding talks with Microsoft regarding the mobile space.

"We are continuing our discussions with other partners, including Microsoft, as part of our partnership with this company on the broader Sony spectrum," Pierre Perron told TechRadar. Perron, who serves as head of Sony Mobile Europe, went on to explain that two things that Sony must consider are how it would use Windows Phone itself and what unique features it could bring to the Live Tile table.

It's worth noting that, just because Sony is in talks with Microsoft about Windows Phone, there's no guarantee that they'll lead to the public launch of any hardware. Perron declined to offer a timeframe in which we might see a Sony-branded Windows Phone launch and went on to caution that the discussions between Sony and Microsoft are tentative. Sony certainly seems interested in seeing what life is like outside of the Android ecosystem, though. "We don't want to be a single OS manufacturer, I don't think it's a viable position in the long term," Perron explained.

Would you be interested in a Sony Windows Phone if such a device actually made its way to market?

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