A Sony Vaio Windows Phone might be the perfect addition to the WP8 family

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| January 12, 2014

Sony is a particularly interesting subject when it comes to mobile. Although the company has been well-known through history for a slew of other products like the Walkman, numerous VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray players, televisions and probably most notably among this generation for the Playstation console, their influence in the mobile world has seemed somewhat mum compared to everything else Sony produces. It's not that they make particularly bad phones or products, but their efforts thus far have proven to be somewhat fruitless in the U.S., given that they planned to exit the smartphone here in order to focus on markets that benefit them more, according to reports just a couple of months ago.

But while Sony and Android's partnership in the U.S. has come to an end (for now at least), all is not lost for customers who are interesting in having a Sony manufactured smartphone. The catch? You'll have to switch to Windows Phone 8.

While reports of confirmation on the agreement are still up in the air, it would seem that Sony and Microsoft are on the verge of coming to an agreement to create a Vaio series of Windows Phone 8 devices for Microsoft, a move which would likely benefit both companies here in the U.S. On the one hand, Microsoft gets another well-known manufacturer on deck with their somewhat struggling platform; on the other, Sony could actually serve as a viable influence for the adoption of the platform, as long as they take certain necessary steps in order to become a recognizable brand for Windows Phone 8.

As of right now, Nokia's Lumia line is the most popular brand of devices for Windows Phone 8. Not only do they have great hardware and cameras, but they also have a pretty decent line of applications available for download just for Windows Phone 8 - applications that no other manufacturer of Windows Phone 8 can get. The efforts Nokia put forth into Windows Phone, even before Microsoft acquired the company, was arguably what makes the platform manage to stay afloat among harsh competition today. As for the rest of the manufacturers? While they're not bad, they're certainly not as dedicated as Nokia is to Windows Phone 8; most of them are more focused on Android. 

But with Sony's Android-powered devices not doing so hot in the U.S., it would make sense for them to try their hand at Windows Phone 8. In my eyes, it could be a great move for them. I very much enjoy Sony's handsets. They're similar to Nokia in the sense that their build quality is great and they're also putting a strong focus on an enhanced camera experience, something that the Lumia line is most well-known and praised for. 

Also, Sony is no stranger to creating their own software, so if they were able to create their own line of exclusive apps, like Nokia has, then they could also have an edge that most Windows Phone 8 manufacturers don't and can still keep up with Nokia.

While Windows Phone 8 is still a work in progress (in my opinion), the platform has a lot going for it. The more support that the platform gets, the better it will become. Although I've just started using Windows Phone 8, I'm already seeing the potential in it. It's not as polished as Android or iOS, I can't lie - but much like my feelings about webOS, this platform has a lot of potential. I think the addition of Sony handsets to the Windows Phone 8 lineup makes a lot of sense, and I'm anxious to see what Sony can bring to the table for the underdog mobile platform. I just hope that this time around they'll release the handset to more than one manufacturer.

Readers, what are your thoughts on a Sony Windows Phone 8 handset? Do you think it is wise of Sony to juggle two platforms at one time, or should they put their focus on just one? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

Image via GSM Arena