If you were a fan of webOS, today's news could be a little upsetting. The company that picked up the once-defunct-now-resurrected mobile operating system left it to die, more or less, because they were giving up their efforts in the mobile market. Plus, whatever else. Whatever the case, the past is the past, and now we're living in the present and HP wants to be back in the game. We'll just have to let bygones be bygones.

Of course, and I mean this in all honesty, it helps that the pair of devices HP are being launched in India, and only India for the foreseeable future. That should count for someone who's angry at the company in general.

The thing is, these two devices are bonkers. But, I'm not going to talk about HP here.

Instead, I want to just draw a line here. Why? Because I think there needs to be a line drawn. We've been watching over the last couple of years as screen sizes have been blown out of proportion, and now that HP is jumping into the fray, I guess we can assume that we're not going to stop seeing it happen, either.

So, with HP's new devices, we've got two new "phones" that measure in at six inches and a whopping 7 inches. Obviously the VoiceTab 6 isn't the only, or even the first, phone with a 6-inch display, and it surely won't be the last. However, with the VoiceTab 7, we're just stepping into a ridiculous area that doesn't need to be accessed. In no universe does a phone need to be 7 inches.

And HP can call them "tabs," and hint that they're supposed to be "tablets with voice," but that's where I'm drawing the line. I don't even kind of want to use a tablet as my phone. In fact, as I've used a lot of six-inch devices that are *supposed* to be a phone and not a tablet at all, or more a phone than a tablet in general, I've disliked it on just about every level.

I want to draw a line for phones, and I want to draw a line for phablets, and I want to draw a line for tablets. Just adding the ability to make voice calls from a tablet doesn't make it a phone, and I don't know anyone who wants to use a tablet as their primary phone. If you do, then by all means, please, let me know.

For smartphones, we need to draw the line at six inches. That's as big as they need to get. Nothing bigger than that. Really. Let's just cut this movement off at the head, and get a grip on it. So, smartphones? Six inches or less.

And then there are phablets. This doesn't have to be a size, necessarily, but I think they, too, need to stay under a certain size. Considering we're supposed to be using them as a primary device, in place of a phone, the rule should probably be six inches again. However, because there's some extra value added -- or there's supposed to be, anyway -- I think we can bump it up just a bit. How about 6.5 inches? That's almost a negligible size increase, but it still offers room to boast those added features.

Here's the kicker, though: Just because it's a big phone doesn't mean it's a phablet. Stop it. If we're going to call something a phone and a tablet, then  they need to share features. Samsung has figured this out, with their Galaxy Note lineup, with the latest Galaxy Note 3 in particular. Features like being able to split the screen to run two apps at the same time, the S Pen functionality (and including the stylus with the phone, out of the box is a nice bonus), and so much more. It's the features that bridge the gap between a phone and a tablet, not just the size.

And now, tablets. Let's just call it a 7-inch marker, shall we? That's the line we're drawing for a tablet. At seven inches you've got yourself a tablet. Deal? Deal.

The lines are drawn, and I can only hope that we start seeing some kind of definitions being made in our favorite market. The truth is, I know that we're not going to see it happen, though. I can wish, though.

It ultimately comes down to you, the consumer. What you're looking for. The perfect screen size for you. Would you be willing to trade your tablet for a "phone-tablet?" Let me know.

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