Hyper Ball App Review (Sponsored)

| January 17, 2014

I am going to be honest with you guys: When it comes to gaming on any mobile platform, sometimes the simplest concept is the best one. I think this is a perfect way to begin discussing JSplash Apps' Hyper Ball. Hyper Ball feels like a perfect blend of the old games that we used to play on our TI-84 graphing calculators (do they still do that in high school?) and modern classics like Jetpack Joyride. 

The concept is simple but effective. You are given control of a hyper ball that's falling toward its demise. During the freefall you must balance the hyper ball from block to block by either tapping the sides of the screen or tilting your device to navigate while collecting coins and hammers that are essential to your survival. The hammers can be used to break blocks when you get stuck or need some extra coins. Meanwhile, the coins are used to purchase new hyper balls with different abilities or in-game powerups, like starting with three extra lives instead of two.

What I really enjoy about Hyper Ball is that the game always feels fresh. While the concept of the game never changes, you are never given the same pattern of blocks to fall on, making it impossible to memorize any certain level. Every time you restart, the game begins casually and then builds up to an amazing freefall that will take all of your concentration to control. It's this play style that makes Hyper Ball extremely addictive.

The game's only real fault is when it interrupts gameplay to ask if you'd like to remove ads from the game. I know that I was playing the free version, but this became really frustrating during my longer rounds.

I know that I mentioned that Hyper Ball has a simplistic nature about it, but that doesn't mean it isn't polished. In fact, I was very pleased with the overall presentation quality of the mobile game. The music and sounds are fitting and the game is right where it needs to be graphically. I was also very happy with the different menu options available to the player. One that stood out is the player's ability to turn on a "Replay" option that allows users to watch their last run and then share that video footage with friends on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It's good to know that developers are still trying to keep the social aspect of gaming alive. 

The Wrap-up:

The Good: Great look, great sound quality and a cool sharing option.

The Bad: I could use a few more options for in-game upgrades, and the intrusive dialogue box asking me to remove ads become a nuisance while playing the free version.

The Verdict: What can I say? Hyper Ball is fun and addicting. It has an easy-to-understand concept that isn't trying to be more than what it is. I would like to see the usage of the ad removal dialogue box reduced, and perhaps more in-game unlockables added in, but I am having a great time playing Hyper Ball. For anyone that owns some iOS hardware and is looking for a simple yet addicting game, check out Hyper Ball on the Apple App Store.

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