Samsung's rumored user interface refresh leaks out again

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 19, 2014

Earlier this month, a set of images leaked out that gave us a sneak peek at a new smartphone user interface that Samsung allegedly has kicking around in its labs, complete with an HTC BlinkFeed/Google Now mashup that display sports scores, fitness information and more. Now that UI is back in another leak that sheds a bit more light on the types of info that Samsung's refreshed interface can display.

In a pair of images posted to Twitter, @evleaks has given us a closer look at the different types of information cards that Samsung is apparently considering for its user interface refresh. Included in the leak are cards for fitness, coffee payments, sports scores, restaurant reservations and a flight status. Each card also includes an image related to its topic, such as a Starbucks mug for a payment made to the coffee chain.

While still very much unofficial, this refreshed user interface is one of the biggest makeovers that we've seen TouchWiz receive to date. It's kind of tough to get a feel for how these new information cards work and how accurate they are based on the two sets of leaked screenshots that we've gotten, but so far they seem like an addition that'll give Samsung's TouchWiz UI a bit more of a personal touch. Now we just have to wait and see if the cards and the new UI that they're a part of will actually make it to market.

What do you make of this purported Samsung UI refresh? Do you like the company's take on personal information cards?

Via @evleaks