Beats Music confirms service issues, puts new user admissions on hold

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 22, 2014

Beats Music Android, iOS, Windows Phone apps

Apparently Beats Music is off to a pretty good (and slightly bumpy) start. The streaming music service launched yesterday with a $9.99 plan and a focus on human curation, and today Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers has revealed on the service's official blog that some users are experiencing issues "due to the extremely high volume of interest" in the new offering.

As a result of the service issues, Beats Music will stop admitting new users to its service until it can get everything working smoothly again. Anyone that's already a Beats Music user can continue to stream to their heart's content, and anyone that hasn't yet signed up can still download the Beats Music app and register for the service. Beats plans to send users an invitation once they're able to actually start using the service, and the company says that anyone that registers this week will receive an additional seven days tacked onto their free trial of Beats Music.

Obviously it's kind of a bummer to see that Beats Music is running into service issues just a day after its launch, but hey, at least the bumpiness is said to be the result of an influx of consumer interest rather than something bad. Beats Music is available on the web and also has dedicated Android and iOS apps, with a Windows Phone app slated for launch later this week.

If you're in the hunt for a new streaming music provider, you can get the full rundown on Beats Music and its plans right here and then download the Android and iOS apps from Google Play and the App Store.

Via Beats Music blog