Microsoft OneDrive revealed as new name for SkyDrive cloud service

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 27, 2014

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage service official

Did you have "OneDrive" as your pick for the replacement name for Microsoft's cloud storage service after last year's SkyDrive trademark dispute? If so, you win!

Microsoft announced today that it's rebranding its SkyDrive service to OneDrive, a name that the Redmond firm says "conveys the value" that it can deliver to consumers and represents its vision for the future. The change will see SkyDrive become OneDrive and SkyDrive Pro renamed to OneDrive for Business. The service and any files stored on it are expected to continue operating normally following the name change, which Microsoft says will go down "soon."

Obviously the switch from SkyDrive to OneDrive for the name of Microsoft's cloud service won't likely have much of an effect on consumers, save for the fact that they'll have to get used to seeing "One" instead of "Sky" in front of the word "Drive." Heck, Microsoft even appears to be keeping the service's cloud logo. The new "OneDrive" name seems nice enough, though, and I'm sure that most folks will get accustomed to it shortly after it rolls out.

Via Microsoft