Samsung SM-Z9005 caught on camera with Tizen in tow

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 28, 2014

We expect to see some new Tizen hardware in a little over a month at Mobile World Congress, but today a leaked image has given us a taste of Tizen to whet our appetites until we hit the show floor in Barcelona.

The photo, posted by @evleaks, claims to show the Samsung SM-Z9005 hanging out in the wild. It's kind of tough to make out many details of the device due to the blurriness of the image, but we can see rounded corners, a Samsung logo above the display and what looks to be a physical button beneath it. All of those features line up with a previous leak that showed the Samsung Z9005 in a case that helped to conceal its design.

Tizen has had a pretty rough go of it lately, with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo delaying its Tizen launch plans indefinitely and a Samsung official revealing that the company's first Tizen-powered phone is also facing a delay. We should still see some Tizen hardware on display at MWC next month, though, and while it's not yet known exactly what device will be shown, it's unlikely that we'll see this Samsung Z9005 since it's a developer phone. Whatever product does end up being revealed, it'll be nice to see Tizen in action once again and to find out how far it's progressed since our last peek in early November.

What do you think of Tizen? Have the multiple delays lessened your interest in the platform?

Via @evleaks