AT&T revises pricing of 10GB Mobile Share Value plan [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 1, 2014

AT&T announcing

It's not too often that you see a carrier take the wraps off of a major plan change on a Saturday afternoon, but that's just what AT&T has done today. The big blue carrier just announced that it's changing up its Mobile Share plans a bit, making its shared offerings easier to understand and potentially quite a bit cheaper for some.

The reworked AT&T family plan offers 10GB of shareable data as well as unlimited minutes and text messages. Pricing for the new plan starts out at $130 per month for two smartphone lines and goes up at a rate of $15 per line from there. That means that three lines would cost $145 per month, four lines would be $160 and so on, all the way up to 10 total lines.

AT&T says that its revised rate plan will be available starting tomorrow, Feb. 2. The offering is available to both new and existing customers, though it's worth noting that those folks that are new to AT&T will need to either sign up for Ol' Blue's Next upgrade program, pay full retail price for a smartphone or bring their own device.

AT&T also notes that it's still offering a $100 bill credit to new and existing customers that activate a new line of service. That line doesn't have to be a smartphone, either, as feature phones, mobile hotspots, tablets and Wireless Home Phone hardware are all eligible as well.

The savings offered by AT&T's revised plan will vary depending on factors like the number of lines an account has and whether or not the customers have their own hardware or if they sign up for AT&T Next and tack monthly hardware payments onto their bill. Still, it's a pretty aggressive offering from AT&T that has the potential to steal some customers away from the big blue carrier's competition, especially if those consumers are heavier data users. To learn more about the revised Mobile Share plan, you can visit the page that AT&T has launched for it right here.

UPDATE: AT&T's revised Mobile Share Value plans are now live, and just as expected, its plans with 10GB of data or higher have had their no contract pricing altered. Customers can select from plans that offer unlimited talk and text as well as data buckets of varying sizes. The options include 10GB for $100, 15GB for $130, 20GB for $150, 30GB for $225, 40GB for $300 and 50GB for $375.

When it comes time to add lines to these plans, each AT&T Next or no contract smartphone line added to those buckets costs $15 per month. For example, an account with the 10GB data bucket and three no contract smartphones would be charged $145, while an account with 30GB of data and four no contract smartphones would have a monthly bill of $285. The entire breakdown of AT&T's Mobile Share Value plans can be found on the big blue carrier's website.

AT&T Mobile Share Value 10GB plan pricing

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