Samsung SM-W750V 'Huron' tipped as Verizon-bound Windows Phone with Galaxy S styling

Alex Wagner
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Published: February 3, 2014

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Verizon Wireless

Verizon isn't exactly the most exciting carrier for fans of Windows Phone to be on. The big red carrier has only played host to a handful of Windows Phone hardware to date, and it's been nearly a year since Verizon last launched a new Live Tile-powered handset. We've been expecting that to (hopefully) change soon with the arrival of Nokia's Lumia Icon, but according to a new rumor, that's not the only new Windows Phone that Verizon's got in its pipeline.

Earlier today, @evleaks sent out a message proclaiming that a new Samsung device with the model number SM-W750V and codename "Huron" is headed for Verizon's shelves, complete with Windows Phone in tow. Spec details for the device are still fairly light, but the design of the SM-W750V is said to resemble a "late model Galaxy S." 

Even though there's not much known about this SM-W750V Huron quite yet, the news that Verizon's Windows Phone drought will soon be coming to an end with not one, but two new devices is exciting news for Big Red's customers. That's especially true when you remember that Samsung's first Windows Phone device on Verizon, the ATIV Odyssey, was a fairly mid-range piece of kit. The SM-W750V Huron's spec sheet may still be a mystery, but the claim that it resembles a recent Galaxy S handset means that it could end up with a higher-end feature set.

Between devices like the Nokia Lumia Icon, Samsung SM-W750V Huron and others, which upcoming Windows Phone hardware are you most excited about?

Via @evleaks

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