Aio Wireless announces rate plan price cuts, data bucket tweaks

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 4, 2014

Say hello to Aio Wireless

Looks like this is turning into a big week for rate plan price cuts. Follow AT&T and Ting's plan changes, prepaid operator Aio Wireless announced today that it has cut the prices of some of its rate plans while simultaneously increasing the high-speed data allotments included with the offerings. Here's how Aio's three plans break down following today's changes:


  • Basic Plan: $40 for unlimited talk, text and data, 500MB of high-speed data (up from 250MB)
  • Smart Plan: $50 for unlimited talk, text and data, 2.5GB of high-speed data ($5 cheaper, 500MB of additional high-speed data)
  • Pro Plan: $60 for unlimited talk, text and data, 5GB of high-speed data ($10 cheaper, down from 7GB of high-speed data to 5GB)


But wait, there's more! Aio says that customers that enroll in Auto Pay will receive a $5 credit at the end of each billing cycle, dropping the monthly cost of each of its rate plans by a Lincoln. Additionally, Aio is currently holding a sale on its Samsung Galaxy smartphones for new customers. The promo has reduced the price of the Galaxy Amp to $49.99, the Galaxy Express to $199.99 and the Galaxy S 4 to $529.99. All of Aio's devices are sold contract-free.

Aio Wireless is a prepaid operator that launched in May 2013 and operates using AT&T's network, including its 4G LTE service. The rate plan changes instituted today by Aio look pretty nice, though I'm sure that the high-speed data allotment drop in the Pro Plan will come as a disappointment to some heavier data users out there.

If these price cuts and data allotment increases have you interested in signing up for Aio service, you can head on over to the company's website and check the plans out for yourself by clicking this link right here.

Via Aio Wireless