Samsung SM-W750V 'Huron' for Verizon shows its Galaxy S 4-like face in leaked render

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 3, 2014

Remember that rumor from yesterday that claimed that Samsung is prepping a new Windows Phone device for Verizon that closely resembles a "late model Galaxy S?" Well it looks like that report was pretty spot on, because today a leaked image has revealed the upcoming device looking basically like a Galaxy S 4 with the Windows logo stamped onto its Home button.

As you can see above, the Samsung SM-W750V "Huron" looks almost identical to the current Galaxy S flagship, complete with rounded corners, a physical Home/Start button beneath its display and a front-facing camera to the right of its silver earpiece. The two big differences between the Huron and the Galaxy S 4 are the color, with the Windows Phone sporting a gray hue not seen on any Galaxy S 4, and the Windows logo that's tattooed onto the Huron's Start key.

The Galaxy S 4 is one of Samsung's biggest sellers to date, and so it's not a surprise to see the company reusing the design of the widely-adopted S 4 on a Windows Phone device. As for the Huron's spec list, well, that's still a mystery for the most part. I could certainly see the Huron borrowing a few features from its Android-powered sibling as well, though, including a 1080p display and quad-core processor, both of which would put it on par with Nokia's Lumia 1520.

Whatever specs the Huron does end up packing, I'm betting that many Windows Phone fans are just happy to see another Live Tile-equipped handset headed their way. Now we just have to hope that the Huron doesn't end up following in the Lumia Icon's footsteps by leaking out for months on end with no concrete release date in site.

Via @evleaks