Put a sharper focus on marketing, HTC

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| February 6, 2014

Not every trip is easy. When we're dealing with the mobile market, it's interesting to see how much a company's presence can change, both for the good -- and for the bad. Nothing is for certain, and sometimes the worst thing for a company can be time. However, it can also be the best thing. It just completely depends on the company.

When we're talking about HTC, time's a constant weight. It's hard to believe that it was just two years ago that we were still feeling the constant pressure of the company releasing phone after phone, with more variants than you could shake a stick at. The company did, however, turn things around in the phone release department. They trimmed things down in a significant way, and their One flagship device managed to win the hearts of a lot of people.

It was a good first step, but HTC has to start realizing all their talk about marketing has to start sinking in.

Late last night, a new report about HTC broke the surface, and confirmed a few things that we've been hearing about -- mostly towards the end of 2013. They do have a new One handset coming this year, and it'll probably end up getting revealed sometime in March. More than that, though, they've also got that wearable device headed down the pipe, too.

The company reiterated its place on marketing, too. In fact, HTC put a large focus on the effort all over again, just like they did last year. And, to be fair, they did land a deal with Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr., which probably saw some good fortune out of it. However, after the first few commercials that showed more of the star than any one product, along with some crazy name changes, everything quieted down.

In 2014, HTC needs to want to show off the One's successor. Both Samsung and Apple have always been masters of showing off their devices, and this is something that HTC absolutely needs to emulate. Because the One was a device that needed to be shown off. And if the One's successor is just as good, and even better, then HTC should want to make the best commercials possible to show why someone should want to buy them.

Not how creative people can get with the HTC brand.

We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out. With 2014 just getting underway, and with HTC promising to put the focus on the things that matter moving forward, for those of us who hope to see HTC succeed we wait with bated breath. It starts with the hardware, but it certainly doesn't end there. Can HTC turn it around? Let's hope so. 

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