Nokia asks 'Have you heard what's coming?' in new Windows Phone teaser video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 7, 2014

Nokia U.S. Have you heard what's coming teaser video

Have you heard what's coming? That's the question that Nokia's U.S. branch asks in a 15-second teaser video that it posted to its official YouTube channel today. The video shows the question "Have you heard what's coming?" while a car can be heard revving in the background, and before the clip ends, Nokia invites the viewer to "See and hear what you've been missing."

So what might Nokia be teasing? There aren't many Nokia products floating around the rumor mill these days, with the Android-powered Normandy and the Verizon-bound Lumia Icon being the main two phones that we've been tipped about. Because this is a Windows Phone teaser, the latter of those two seems the likelier candidate, especially since the video references seeing and hearing, which are probably references to the Lumia Icon's 5-inch 1080p display and its audio-recording capabilities.

It's also worth pointing out again that this video was posted to the Nokia U.S. YouTube account, suggesting that the device that's being teased will be a U.S.-centric model.

Nokia's Lumia Icon has been the subject of leaks and rumors for several months now, and at this point it seems that we know just about everything that there is to know about the upcoming Windows Phone device. The good news is that with the Lumia Icon's recent appearance on Verizon's website in addition to this new teaser, it feels like we're finally getting close to the device's retail launch. Here's to hoping that that's the case, because the last Windows Phone device that Verizon launched was the Lumia 928 in May 2013, and so I'm sure that any Windows Phone fans that have stuck with Verizon have built up quite an appetite for new hardware.

Via YouTube: Nokia U.S.