I'm planning on buying a smartwatch this year

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| February 10, 2014

We're going to see quite a bit in 2014 that should be plenty noteworthy, especially when it comes to redesigned smartphones, redesigned proprietary user interfaces, and all the features we could ever want to get our hands (or fingers) on. It's going to be a good year. Hopefully an exciting year, when it comes to the mobile industry, and for anyone who's a fan of it, it's okay if you're already getting excited.

After all, we've got some big unveils happening right around the corner. Samsung's got an event, and then Mobile World Congress happens at full tilt, where we'll see plenty of new devices, ranging in sizes and functionality, take center stage. Smartphones and tablets will probably be the go-to devices, but there's a big chance that they won't be the only thing talked about.

No, much like the last big show we saw in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year, we're going to see a lot of devices that are meant to wrap around your wrist (and maybe even your finger). We've already seen companies showcase their new wearable and smartwatch designs, but Mobile World Congress is a whole 'nother stage, and more companies are going to take the time to unveil what they've been working on.

We'll have to wait and see what HTC has in store for us until later this year, though. Unfortunately.

Earlier today, Huawei announced that at Mobile World Congress they are going to raise the curtain from their first smartwatch. It'll feature this and that, and look super awesome. At least, that's probably what Huawei is hoping for, because right now there aren't a lot of details about what Huawei has been working on. That's a good thing, though. Whatever they've got coming down the pipe has a lot of work cut out for itself, and keeping some air of secrecy until the big moment is probably a good thing. Don't want to ruin the whole thing even before it starts, right?

It has to be an invigorating, and also terrifying, moment, though, considering the competition that's already available, or is going to be made available probably right around the time that Huawei releases their own product. After all, we've got Samsung that's rumored to be announcing a successor to their Galaxy Gear alongside the new Galaxy S5 (not S 5!). And the Galaxy S 5 is getting unveiled at their Unpacked event soon. So, if the rumors pan out, Huawei is immediately going to have to fight for attention against Samsung. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Everyone knows that 2014 is going to be the year for wearable technology, whether it be a band that helps you stay healthy or a watch that's supposed to be smart, all the rage is about these technologically advanced wearable accessories. While they may not be "new," they're definitely a fledgling market, and companies are looking to capitalize on the growing sentiment towards the product. Huawei jumping on board isn't that surprising. The question is, will they be able to create a product that people want, and that are willing to pay for it?

But my question to you, specifically, isn't so much about Huawei, as it is about the market itself. About wearables, from those bands to the watches. There were some options released in 2013, with improved models released already in 2014. There are more coming. I have to ask: are you buying into it? Have you already purchased a smartwatch or other wearable device, and fallen in love with the new segment? Or are you avoiding it, for one reason or another? If it's the latter, I want to know why you aren't jumping on board this particular bandwagon. Let me know!