mSpy App Review (Sponsored)

| February 13, 2014

As smartphones become a more integral part of our lives, it's no wonder that security and locator solutions are increasingly being deemed a necessity for consumers by both carriers and third-party developers. In today's world, it can be advantageous to know the location of loved ones. I don't want to start sounding like an old Rockwell song, and I'm not trying to be creepy here, but lately I've been checking out mSpy, a premium mobile monitoring solution for iPhone, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry. If you've been hunting for the best way to track and monitor smartphones, look no further.

mSpy is a polished, cross-platform monitoring service that caters to the needs of both general consumers and businesses. It offers the ability to track nearly all activity on a smartphone that mSpy is installed on. The in-depth monitoring includes support for tracing phone calls, Internet activity, text conversations, GSP location, email access, application controls, call monitoring and recording and even access to the device's multimedia files. These features are come with a subscription fee of $39.99 per month. Users also have the option of upgrading to a premium account for $59.49 per month that includes access to a device's Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook accounts.

While $39.99 per month may seem like a steep price for a tracking service, I want to assure you that mSpy isn't just a Find My iPhone knockoff. mSpy is a professional-grade service that offers more than just basic smartphone tracking. For businesses that hand out devices to employees or families that need to know where their loved ones are, mSpy is a great investment. On top that, the app is very easy to use.

After creating an account on mSpy's website, users will be shown how to install the app onto the device that they wish to monitor. I found the installation instructions to be fairly uncomplicated. Once a smartphone has been registered, you can start to track its usage and location from any computer. I was really impressed by the fact that mSpy was virtually invisible on the phone that I installed it on. I even had a few friends try to find any trace of it on my device, and all attempts were futile.

Soon after I installed mSpy, I sent out a handful of test calls, did some general Google searches and started texting others. Shortly thereafter I was able to monitor all of my activity on the device, right from my computer. Overall I was pleased with how well the service tracked my usage and how accurate the GSP locator worked as I made several trips around town. The service was consistent and reliable, and all of the information that I was looking for was easily-accessible on the mSpy profile page.

The Wrap-up

The Good: mSpy is easy to use, feature-packed and offers smartphone monitoring with a professional standard.

The Bad: The $39.99 price point will drive many consumers away. No Windows Phone support.

The Verdict: I really liked mSpy. While I may not have need for a service like this, a business handing out smartphones to its employees and families with children could benefit from this service. I really appreciate that the service is professional and easy to use, and if I were to continue using mSpy, I feel that the $39.99 per month would be a fair price to pay considering all of the tools that come with the paid app. mSpy isn't available on the App Store or Google Play, but you can sign up for the service at