HTC commits to two years of major Android updates for future flagships

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 14, 2014

HTC One bottom

We'll have to wait until Feb. 18 to find out what HTC is teasing with its broken One handsets, but the Taiwanese device maker has some other big news that it doesn't mind sharing today.

HTC is taking part in an Ask Me Anything session over on Reddit, and right at the outset, the company announced that it will support all of its future North American flagship devices with major Android updates for two years after their release.

HTC went on to shed some light on the its decision to leave the One X and One X+ at Android 4.2, explaining that it's unable to update the global models of those phones without help from Nvidia. And while the U.S version of the One X uses a Qualcomm chip, HTC didn't feel that it'd be fair to its customers if it updated the One X and not the One X+. Because of the brouhaha that this caused, HTC says that it's now "actively exploring" how it can provide an update to Android 4.4.

We've heard other companies commit to keeping their Android phones up-to-date in the past, but not all of the firms that've made such promises have followed through. Still, it's great to see HTC commit to providing major updates for its flagship phones, especially after the flak that the firm has caught recently due to its decisions to not update the One X or One X+ beyond Android 4.2 and to stop rolling updates to the One S. HTC has been pretty on the ball when it comes to Android updates lately, so here's to hoping that it can keep it up.

Android updates aren't the only type of software upgrades that HTC touched on during its Reddit AMA session. The topic of Windows Phone came up when a user asked if HTC was "done" with Microsoft's mobile platform, and in response HTC described that as a "pretty blanket statement" and said that "a company such as ourselves can ever say that point blank." HTC went on to explain that it and Microsoft are "strong partners" and that the two are currently collaborating on the Windows Phone Blue update for HTC's Windows Phone 8X. Unfortunately, no other details of the update or its rollout were given.

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