HTC Advantage program includes free one-time screen replacement, commitment to Android updates

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 18, 2014


Remember HTC's teaser last week involving an image of Ones with shattered screens and the caption "If only broken hearts were this easy to fix?" The company said that it'd share more details on exactly what it was teasing on Feb. 18, which just so happens to be today. 

The new HTC Advantage program was officially introduced today as an effort to give owners of the HTC One, HTC One max and HTC One mini some peace of mind when it comes to their hardware and software. The first part of HTC Advantage focuses on hardware. HTC says that starting today, any U.S. consumers that purchase a member of the HTC One family will be eligible for a one-time screen replacement, totally free of charge. The offer is valid within the first six months of ownership and is available to One devices purchased after Feb. 18. 

Moving on to software, HTC reiterated its commitment to Android updates. The company points out that it outside of Google and its Google Play edition hardware, it was the first manufacturer to begin treating its users to KitKat updates. HTC goes on to say that it intends to update the One max and One mini to Android 4.4.2 "in the coming months." That won't be the last update that those devices receive, either, because HTC says that it will support the One family of smartphones with major OS updates for two years after their initial launch.

Rounding out the HTC Advantage program is some free cloud storage. HTC says that One users can get 25GB to 50GB of free Google Drive space, depending on which smartphone that they purchase.

HTC Advantage sounds like a nice program that could help the company to regain some support from consumers that it might've lost with its recent decisions related to Android updates. While it's kind of a bummer that the free screen replacement is only good for the first six months of ownership, it's still a free screen replacement, and I'm sure that there are some clumsy folks out there that'll find that offer very appealing. 

Now that it's officially official, what do you think of HTC Advantage? Is the program enough to get you to consider an HTC One device for your next smartphone purchase?

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