LG G Flex Challenge, Day 1

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: February 19, 2014

LG wanted to put a curve to the normal phone display, so they released the G Flex. The device boasts a 6-inch display, but one that stands out against all the other devices out there. (Except for maybe one.) The G Flex may not be the best flagship device to land on the market in 2013, or even at the early start of 2014 based solely on its specifications list, but it does the job it's supposed to: tests new waters, and moves the conversation around mobile device design in a whole new direction.

With the G Flex, we now know that curved displays aren't just a science-fiction story element, and they're no longer just meant to be tested in the back of labs all across the world. LG made the display technology the real deal, and now consumers can get their hands on it if they so choose.

We've already put the G Flex under review here at PhoneDog, but considering we're dealing with such a hero device, we wanted to take a closer look at the handset, and really put it through its paces. That's why we've initiated our 30-day challenge. We'll cover all the bases as we use the device as our daily driver from here on out for a few weeks.

Yesterday, I picked up the G Flex and used it for a few hours. I played around with the hardware, used the software and tweaked a few things that LG offered me to tweak -- like themes, and I brought together a list of five of the things I'd change right out of the gate. Honestly, while it wasn't hard to come up with five things, it would have been hard for me to come up with six. There are things I'd change about the handset, but one of the first things I noticed about the G Flex is how comfortable it feels in the hand, despite its size. Using it with one hand isn't the easiest thing, but it feels better than some other huge devices out there.

The curved display may not seem like such a big deal to most, but once you start using it, you'll immediately notice the difference it makes. It's not anything that someone can sell you on, simply because it's a visual thing you'll have to experience for yourself. Outside of that, though, the G Flex is super quick and responsive, and that really stands out. Maybe even more so than the curved display. I'm shocked at how quick it is. Granted, we'll have to see how it stands up over time, but right now it's just ridiculously fast.

We're just getting things started, and every few days I'll write up what stands out about the handset, both good and bad. We'll go over everything, piece by piece. So if you've been curious about the G Flex, and how it stands the test of use for a month, stay tuned, and we'll test the curve to see if it's worth your money.

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