T-Mobile shares Q4 2013 earnings, including total smartphone sales of 6.2 million

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: February 25, 2014

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

After teasing its fourth quarter earnings at its Uncarrier 4 event last month, T-Mobile today gave us the full rundown on how it fared in the final three months of 2013. 

T-Mobile says that it added more than 1.6 million customers during the quarter, including 869,000 postpaid additions and 112,000 prepaid adds. To compare, T-Mobile lost 515,000 postpaid customers and gained 166,000 prepaid users in Q4 2012. When it comes to 2013 as a whole, T-Mobile added more than 4.4 million customers, which includes 2 million postpaid and 359,000 prepaid subscribers. T-Mobile also notes that it's currently got 3.5 million MetroPCS customers on its network. In total, T-Mobile finished 2013 with 46.7 million customers.

On the financial side of things, T-Mobile's total revenue for Q4 2014 grew 2.1 percent from the previous quarter to finish at $6.8 billion, while service revenues grew 0.6 percent to end 2013 at $5.1 billion. T-Mobile sold a record 6.2 million smartphones in Q4 2013, and it reports that as of the end of 2013, 69 percent of its postpaid customers were on Value or Simple Choice plans. That stat is up from 61 percent at the end of September.

T-Mobile expects 2014 to bring with it more customer growth, with between 2 and 3 million consumers expected to join Team Magenta during the year. T-Mo believes that the number of users on its Value or Simple Choice plans will grow in 2014 to between 85 or 90 percent of its customer base. Also expected to go down in 2014 is more growth of T-Mobile's LTE network: John Legere and Co. plan to have its LTE service cover more than 250 million people this year, and more 20+20MHz LTE markets are expected to join Dallas. Finally, T-Mobile says that it's already refarmed and integrated more than 25 percent of MetroPCS's network.

Overall it looks like T-Mobile had itself a pretty nice quarter and year. Not only did it manage to add more than 4.4 million people to its customer base, it also rolled out several Uncarrier changes that have had a clear effect on its competitors. Looking ahead, T-Mo's LTE rollout plans should make 2014 a pretty exciting year for Team Magenta, and it'll also be interesting to see what kind of Uncarrier moves that T-Mobile makes in the coming months.

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