AT&T Galaxy Note 3 receiving maintenance update

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: February 26, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Today AT&T began pushing an Android 4.4 update to its version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, but it turns out that the GS4 isn't the only AT&T-branded Galaxy device that's getting a heaping helping of update goodness.

Samsung has announced that an update is rolling out to the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 that bumps the device up to baseband version N900AUCUBNB4. Unfortunately, there aren't any KitKat treats contained in this update, and so Note 3 folk will remain on Android 4.3 for now. There are a few other improvements inside the update that are worth getting excited about:

  •  Google Android
    • Update GMS apks and libraries (Newsstand 3.0.1 – 6.6MB, Search – 10.3MB , YouTube 5.1.10 – 6.5MB)
    • Add Google Drive
    • ANDROID Patches: - 6923539, 9702645,12118307

  • FOTA Enhancements
  • Samsung Account Update

There's no word yet on when the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 will get updated to Android 4.4 like its Galaxy S 4 sibling, but at least you AT&T Note 3 owners have this update to whet their appetite until the KitKat rollout gets underway. This maintenance update can be initiated manually by hopping onto a Wi-Fi connection and heading into Settings > General > About device > Software update > Check for updates.

Once the update dust has settled and your AT&T Note 3 is on N900AUCUBNB4, be sure to swing by the comments section below and share your first impressions!

Via Android and Me, Samsung 

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