LG G Flex 30 Day Challenge, Day 8: The Display

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| February 26, 2014

Throughout 2012, and through much of 2013, we heard about curved screens more often than ever before. In the mobile industry the new display technology has always been something we've talked about in one capacity or another, but it was always one of those things that was coming "next year," or even the year after that. Sure, eventually it was going to happen, but not many expected it to be last year. From two companies, no less.

Samsung's effort, the Galaxy Round, had been whispered and rumored about for a few months before it finally released, but the same can't be said for LG's curved handset. Right before it was unveiled, we had heard some grumblings, sure, but the final product was somewhat of a surprise.

A curved display on a consumer product, especially something that's supposed to be so well adopted as a smartphone, is a big gambit. It's a test. To see how well a device can be adopted, especially one that features such a unique design cue. The G Flex stands out, and not just because it has a big display: It's because that huge display has a noticeable curve to it, and in today's smartphone lineup that should count for something.

It's obvious LG wants it to count for something.

When I started using the G Flex last week, I wrote up a piece about some things I'd change, just after a few minutes with the handset. Because let's face it, it takes about that long before you can find a few things you'd change about any phone. Those things can change with more time, though, and in some of those cases it has.

However, the G Flex's screen size is still just too big. I'm not sure what drove LG to go with a six-inch display for the G Flex --maybe it had everything to do with the curve-- but it's honestly one of the only things about the handset that makes me not want to use it. Unfortunately, considering it's the display and I have to use it every day, it's supremely unfortunate.

It is a beautiful display, though. The 720p P-OLED screen does a great job of representing colors, with some natural saturation, and watching movies on it is pretty great. This is a reason to have a big display, but the truth is it just makes me want to use a tablet to do it. Why? Because while watching a movie is great, I almost immediately want to stop using it once the video stops playing.

Here's the silver lining, though, and perhaps one reason why the display size may work for me before this challenge ends: it's comfortable. While some other 6-inch devices are supremely uncomfortable to use, the G Flex has a thin enough frame, a light enough body, that using it isn't literally weighed down by its own design. We'll see if that can make me like using the phone more often than not.

How big if a display do you have on your current device, and would you prefer it to be bigger or smaller? Do you think a six-inch phone is too big? Let me know!

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